NO MATCHES FOUND is a series of monumental paintings depicting blurred and suspenseful connections between characters and the places they dwell. Following the logics of my previous series “Plot”, I aim for narratives on a fixed image. Something is definitely going on, something recent or imminent. The places are old theaters and palace interiors, rather “Vieille École” (Clärchens Ballroom in Berlin, the Grand Foyer at the Radio City music Hall in NY…) Venues associated to crowds and lively situations, however depicted “after the event”, now calm and filled with those past and tumultuous moments; thus, charged with meanings. The sumptuousness and decadence play an important role, something between nostalgia, elegance and thrill. In doing so, I chose a rather baroque palette this time, based on the classic masters “subterranean gold”, glittering all over the surface of the canvas. I add new layers, I play on scenography and I play with scales. Characters are mainly too large for those interiors. Other tiny characters work as a “cortège”. The idea of scales aberration defies the hierarchy of conventional perception or the “ideal balance”.

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