SOCLES & CIMAISES, Across the wide spaces of Pablo Avendaño, Anita NARDON, dec 2006

He is back at Libre Cours two years after his last exhibition and the new creations fully respond to what was expected.
A small touch of figurative picture in the middle of large abstract spots clearly show the reality of man completely isolated, dominated by environmental rules and by his own destiny.

The painter sees the reality of a dry country like his own (born in Spain, 1971) as well as those of our rainy plains.

Strange things appear in his vision, signs that seem to signify: follow-me, signs that look like the evening star, sorts of guides for men lost on strange continents with big rivers carrying illusion both from our way of living.

The second part of the exhibition is made of photographs showing people in the daily life situation in an urban environment completely opposed to human nature.

Some of the pictures represent one or other of the new cities born from noting and not pertaining to an historical or simply human context.

In these new cities with no past and no future the artist tries to situate people in a kind of desert where the man is looking for God or gods in the materialist ways of life in the present years.

He expresses his philosophy telling the wrong way life is going on. In his recent works he sees life at a glance in the way an artist does it, and this is not so bad.


Libre Cours gallery,
rue de Stassart 100,
1060 Brussels
phone 0475 590 285

FROM Nov 17 to Dec 16, 2006
Thursday, Friday, Saturday from 2 to 7pm 


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